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Wall and Ceiling Light Fittings

Ceiling and Wall Light Fittings that are quality lights from JCC Light Fittings

Our range of wall and ceiling light fittings are designed and manufactured to the highest of quality standard. There are many styles of light fittings available in our range and far too many fittings to be able to explain on this page, so we suggest that you look through our entire range of fittings and surprise yourself on the different light styles available.
We have a range of lights that have very special microwave sensors within them that ensured that the light comes on when someone approached the light and turn off when the person is at the correct distance from the fittings. These are very useful when requiring light fittings for a corridor or landing in flats or high rise building. We also have a range of emergency fittings that can be used with these light styles so that emergency lighting can be used.
We have a vast range of picture light fittings for use on walls when ceiling light does not illuminate the picture on the wall correctly. These fittings are available using low energy light or even led light technology as our range is bigger than most manufacturers.
We have a range of wall and ceiling light that illuminates both up and down which is called the DAX range of fittings. This light also uses led light to illuminate the light up and down the wall at the same time.
We do of course have the traditional fittings such as spot light styles of light fittings, in many different colours and finishes. Our single light can be used with the 2 or 3 bat fittings to make up a set or we also keep glass bar light fittings which are perfect for use as bathroom or kitchen lights.
One of the most popular fittings we have is our JCC Paris Light, which is a ceiling light that is on a pendant fittings adjustable with 1500mm flex. This light fitting is used in restaurants over tales or over serving counters and also used in domestic kitchen and dining room.

Make sure you have the correct Light Fittings for the Light Application

Amenity and traditional decorative lights are covered in this section, suitable for either amenity lighting or general lighting. You'll also find here the more traditional crystal effect ceiling lights as well as products with IP65 protection against dust and moisture.
When choosing light fittings for external use it is important to ensure they are weather tight. This means that the fittings must be able to with stand different types of exposure to water and dust etc. Make sure the light is the correct light for the application you are putting the fittings to work in and if you are unsure you should contact a qualified Part P electrician who can assist you choose the correct light fittings for the application.
Our range of garden wall light fittings as massive and we suggest you look through the entire range of fittings because we are sure to have a light you require in our range. Our traditions style of light such as the Victorian style range of fittings is very popular. But we also keep styles of light such as our bollard fittings which are more commercial fittings, but are also being used in domestic garden lighting designs.
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