LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

The ROBUS lamp range now offers LED alternatives to traditional light sources. Technology is changing rapidly and customers are at various levels of understanding and acceptance of their new alternatives. Having researched the current offering with both customers, suppliers and experts in the market we have created the optimum range of LED lamps to cover customers’ budget and range requirements at this time.

In the development of our lamp ranges the ROBUS R&D team are committed to using the highest quality and most efficient LED chips, optics, thermal management and electronic drivers available on the market.

What are the advantages of switching to LED replacement lamps?

• Incandescent lamps have an efficacy of only 10-20 lumens per watt vs. LED’s which have in some cases surpassed 100 lumens per watt.

• Dramatically extended lamp life (up to 50,000hrs), reduced maintenance costs, reduced replacement lamps costs and energy saving efficiencies (80-95%).

• Accurate colour rendering with a warm white or cool white light choice – together with colour consistency comparable or better than traditional sources.

• ROBUS has partnerships with Cree and Seoul.

• LED’s have a smaller light source than CFL or incandescent, which gives better control of light.

• High lumens per watt and improving with technological advancement.

• Better control of beam angles.

• LED light sources can be installed in heat sensitive areas as they do not emit infrared radiation.

• As they do not emit harmful UV rays they are safe to use in areas where light sensitivity is critical such as museums, retail or galleries.

• Suitable for extreme environments and can withstand vibrations or shock as they do not contain the delicate structures of conventional light sources.

• Better for the environment as they do not contain Mercury Lamps.

• 2-5yr guarantees

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