Indoor Wall and Ceiling Lights

Indoor Wall and Ceiling Lights

Deciding on the correct lighting is not an easy task, and should not be done whilst in a rush. The lighting that is decided on will be there for a long time and will set the mood and appearance of the room, and either make the room warm and enjoyable or be a constant reminder of poor lighting.

This is why we have tried hard for many years to ensure to that the wall and ceiling lights that we have on our site are as large a range as possible to give the customer the greatest choice possible.

All 3 of our lighting manufacturers have great ranges of ceiling and wall lights that can be designed into just about every application necessary, regardless if that is for housing, retail or commercial lighting.

The ranges we have are as follows;

Amenity Ceiling Lighting - This range of lighting is used in many retail and commercial applications, however the most popular use for Amenity lighting is within flats and tower block walkways and landings, where security lighting is required 24 hours a day. We have a good range of landing lights that are IP44 and above and also many that are vandal resistant to stop theft of the lamps or the entire light fitting. Many of the light fittings we have also have changeable bezel rings so you can easily change the outer rim of the fittings to suit the decoration environment. Our bulkhead lighting are available in traditional brick shaped bulkhead lights through to round and square bulkheads that are available again with tamper proof screws.

Our bulkheads and amenity lights are available in a number of lamp options to be compatible with new installations and all old installations. Therefore if you require compact fluorescent lamps within the fitting we can supply this, as well as traditional incandescent and halogen versions. We also have a great range of LED Lights that are also available which are great for amenity light and bulkhead lighting as they reduce the power consumption greatly and ensure that the maintenance costs of the fitting is reduced as there are no lamps in the fitting requiring to be changed. This is very important factor when the lighting is on 24 hours a day for security and walkway lighting, and also to help ensure a new build project can meet the BREAM standards required.

Ceramic Wall Lighting - With the combination of JCC and Robus lighting we can offer what is probably the largest range of ceramic wall lights available in one place. All 3 lighting manufacturers have a great many lights that include, up lights, up/down lights so it is possible to utilise light in both directions. Most of our ceramic wall lights are able to be painted, so you can easily match your decoration colour in with the light fitting to hide the light on the wall. The ranges include, Halogen lamps, Low energy Lamps and Incandescent styles, so you can choose one that suits your installation.

Down Lights - This range is still by far the most popular range we sell every day. Recessed downlights are used in just about every lighting design today. The range includes, standard halogen GU10 down lights as well as LED down Lights from all 3 manufacturers. Our JCC LED7 ranges are great led lights that are suitable for all industries and homes and are fire rated, both ranges have a range of bezel finishes. Our TriLED range from Robus comes with 3 different bexel finishes within one box and therefore means you can by one product and choose the finish when it arrives.

Picture Lights - This range includes standard traditional styles of picture lights as well as our newer ranges of contemporary picture lighting which has become increasingly popular. The entire range is available with LED, Halogen, Low Energy and Incandescent lamp options to suit your requirements and use.

Spot Lights - Although these are older style lights they are still very popular as they are very adaptable in most rooms. Most popular choices are installing these spots in Kitchens and bathrooms as well as hallways. These lamps use R64 and R80 spot reflector lamps but can be interchangeable with LED and Low Energy alternatives is required. If you like spot lights and can’t find the shape you are looking for, have a look at the track lighting and make your own up to suit the room shape. We have a range of lighting bars in this range but we also have a range of LED RGB wall washing spots that are used in a number of external lighting products.

Wall Lights - To ensure you get the most of all wall lighting it is important to consider the switching of the circuit to ensure you can switch lights on and off to set the mood required, or simply to turn off those that are not required to be used at that time. Remember that wall lighting does not always mean an old style fitting with a shade on it, it can mean up lighting or down lighting or even a combination of both. As indicated above the range of ceramic wall lights are really impressive and should also be looked at when thinking of wall lights.
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