Down lights

JCC Fire Rated LED Down Lights

JCC Lighting has a massive range of downlights that can be used in homes, commercial, retail and leisure facilities. The range includes the FGLED range of downlights which has the LED6 and LED10 downlight ranges in it 
The new Hybrid7 and Hybrid9 down lights that have fantastic light outputs and a new detachable bezel for allow for painting and also to allow for the led unit to be changed at end of life if necessary.We still have a great range of GU10 mains voltage downlights to choose from and these also have bathroom ranges within them that then can be used in Zone1, 2 and 3 as appropriate.
If you are looking for dimmable led downlights the range has many options to choose from and also a complete range of tiltable downlights as well.
Our downlights are perfect for any number of applications including the homes, hotels, bars, office, retail, schools and hospitals. The ultra-low energy in the LED downlights provides up to a 50% energy saving against fluorescent alternatives. Key features such as low maintenance, instant start up, flicker free performance and zero UV cements our position as innovation leaders in LED downlights.